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Our Services

We provide experienced sales support to high-quality vendor programs in all retail channels.

We educate existing brick and mortar vendors on the viability and profitability of the E-Commerce business model.

We take on existing product lines and drive sales through product awareness, service, and advertised promotions.

We bring on new vendors that provide higher quality, better pricing, and a greater assortment to our customers.

We provide our vendor and customer partners with nationwide sales support.

We work with our vendors to be innovative in new products and improve existing products.

We custom tailor individual vendor programs.

We attend industry trade shows and distributor buying events.


Based in North Caldwell, New Jersey, we provide you with business solutions that are specifically designed for the following retail channels: E-Commerce, commercial, hardware stores, industrial, retail supply, two-step distribution, and rental; as well as US Military Exchanges throughout the United States, Canada and abroad.